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greetings Sue Neell Carlson, MA, PsyA 
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Sue N. Carlson-Psychotherapy LLC
Seattle, WA

(206) 285-0412, ext. 1


I offer group and individual supervision for counselors, social workers, and psychotherapists who are working towards their Washington State licensure requirements.  I also offer consultation for practicing psychotherapists who wish to deepen their technical capacities to work psychodynamically.

Practicing dynamic psychotherapy demands quite a lot from the psychotherapist in terms of your ability to engage in an emotionally authentic and intelligent manner with your patient.  Our theory gives us a map which allows us some orientation in the often confusing and uncertain terrain of therapuetic investigation.  Yet we must allow our theories and ideas to recede to the background of our minds in order to observe and relate to what is fresh and real for our patient -- and ourselves in relationship to our patient -- in the moment-to-moment flux of each session.

Supervision/Consultation is a time to learn, reflect, and consider the evolving nature of your work with your clients/patients.  I believe it is vital to our ongoing growth and competency as clinicians that we continually seek out professional and confidential support for our work.

My fee is $175 for consultation, adjusted fee available.



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