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Sue Neell Carlson, MA, PsyA 
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Sue N. Carlson-Psychotherapy LLC
Seattle, WA
(206) 285-0412, ext.1

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Washington State
Washington State Approved Supervisor

Sue Neell Carlson - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is an approach that prioritizes the "here and now" of your experience.  It is only in the here and now that change is possible; not your past or your future.  Your present experience may be bogged down by past hurts, confusions, and traumas that have not been dealt with, becoming particular symptoms, defeating patterns, and vicious cycles.  It's very human to get caught in these cycles and patterns: it's also very human to need help from someone else who comes to know you well and who can offer different perspectives and experience in a way that brings hope. 

With the option of multiple sessions per week, psychoanalytic psychotherapy provides the quality of engagement necessary for you to have meaningful and relevant contact with what is concerning you. 

An important distinction between psychoanalytic psychotherapy and other methods of counseling is the focus of change -- which is primarily within the individual rather than with his or her circumstances. This idea informs how I listen and respond to you and is something that I can talk with you about to help you see if this is an appropriate type of therapy for your needs.

I have 28 years of experience in private practice treating people suffering from troubling chronic emotional and/or behavioral patterns, depression, early emotional trauma, grief and loss, sexuality issues, eating disorders - bulimia and compulsive over-eating, overwhelming fear, anxiety and panic attacks, low self esteem, addictions, life changes, and relationship problems.


I have extensive and intensive post-graduate training in the area of Object Relations Theory (a psychoanalytic theory of the mind and human development). 

I work with adult individuals and couples. I offer supervision for therapists working towards their licensure requirements for the state of Washington and/or for those interested in working within the object relations model of psychotherapy.If you are interested in speaking with me please call and we can discuss the possibility of setting up a consultation.



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